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LADIES... Are You Ready To Bring YOUR 'Sexy' Back??

Have you been feeling like you could use a little extra BOOST of SELF-CONFIDENCE lately?

Do you want the ability to TAP INTO your "SEXY-SIDE" on-command and use that energy to express yourself fully?

Are you wanting to feel good about yourself while attracting a soul mate OR ignite the spark with your current sweetie

Are you looking for a FUN, EASY, STEP-by-STEP resource to help you FEEL more sexy in ALL situations?

In this 2-hour INTERACTIVE workshop, Michele reveals specific trade secrets, confidence tips, and sultry techniques from the PROS....All designed to get you comfortable in your skin, having fun, and unleashing your SPARKLY, SEXY, SASSY, SELF!

You will learn:


  • 3 red-carpet poses ensuring you take a fabulous photo, EVERY TIME!
  • How to communicate your sexiness through your eyes
  • 3 techniques to beautiful, confident posture
  • How to "STRUT" your sexy-self
  • 3 simple dance moves designed to exude energy...and TURN HEADS
  • The 4 steps required to UNLEASH your sexy-side
  • 1 easy technique to INSTANTLY set the tone for you to feel MORE sexy


DATE: Wednesday, October 15th
TIME: 7pm doors open, Workshop is 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
PLACE: Wine Steals - Liberty Station Point Loma
TICKETS:   $35 / person OR 2 tickets for $60 by Oct. 5th
$45 / person OR 2 tickets for $80 AFTER Oct 5th
$50day of event

Networking mixer from 6:30pm -7:30pm with food/drink specials



Want to IGNITE your confidence, unlock your SPARKLE, and create CHANGE IMMEDIATELY?  

In The Cheerleader In You "Total Transformation Package," 2011 Pro NFL Cheerleader and Success Life Coach, Michele Brown, teaches you tips, techniques, and secrets she has learned both on and off the field to help inspire and empower women…changing their lives forever!  

She will personally work with you live ONE-on-ONE, in this total immersion 6-hour transformation training.  After just one day with Michele, you will have the tools to completely reinvent yourself!!



6 Key Points You Will Learn From This 1-on-1 Training:

  • What limiting thoughts and negative patterns are holding you back and how to release them for good
  • Transformational tools and mental exercises to increase your inner beauty and self esteem...forever changing the way you perceive yourself
  • How to professionally apply your make-up to enhance your features and project your beauty outward
  • Professional Hair, Skincare, Health, & Beauty Techniques
  • Wardrobe tips and suggestions that will convey confidence and femininity
  • One powerful concept that will change your life and unleash your Inner Cheerleader


You won't want to miss this!  

Take a little time out and invest in yourself!  You will learn how to unlock your potential, increase your confidence, and project your beauty outward to unleash your Inner Cheerleader… virtually creating opportunities in your life like never before.



Email to schedule your personal session by clicking below...

(If you have a group of ladies, group-training rates are available)

*Travel costs not included 



 "I empower women by revealing a variety of techniques on POISE & self-confidence, how to create an unforgettable PRESENCE that lights up a room, and how to maintain the essential optimism, self belief, and POSITIVITY to be the best YOU ever… enabling you to live a more confident, vibrant, happier life…just as it did for me and other women who follow my program."

-Michele Brown, 2011 Pro NFL Cheerleader & Founder of "The Cheerleader In You"


Email to schedule your personal session by clicking below...

(If you have a group of ladies, group-training rates are available)

*Travel costs not included 


"If you want things in your life to change...YOU have to change things in your life."

-Brian Tracy


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